Matt Rogers

I am a BA Digital Media Design graduate who specialises in UI and UX design having studied at the University of Winchester between 2015 and 2018. This portfolio will be showcasing what my skills are, what I can offer and some examples of my best work from the last couple of years.

I have been a keen designer from a young age, producing a range of designs in the older versions of Photoshop and Fireworks. I am now experimenting in different areas of design; my specialist area is designing user interfaces for websites and mobile apps.

I like to have wide skill range, and often take on other design work such as graphic design or designing print material. In addition to my uni work, I am always up for carrying out other projects. I worked with a number of clients whilst at uni, a couple of which I have stayed in contact with and continue to produce work for them.

Areas of Specialism

User Interface Design

I have experience in designing responsive user interfaces for both websites and mobile applications. I often design both how websites and applications look, as well as designing additional elements for these.

User Experience Design

I have a strong understanding of how websites should work and how they are laid out; I regularly take a lead role in projects when formulating how a website is put together to suit the needs of the target audience.

Graphic Design

I have years of experience in using software from the Adobe Package to produce a range of graphical design work ranging from logos, banners and designs for print; I am able to produce both bitmap and vector graphics.

Additional Skills


Most of my projects have involved working as part of a team or with a client. I have good experience of working with other designers and developers to meet client briefs.

Project Management

I like to think of myself as an organised individual, often taking on the project management elements of a proposal. I have regularly put myself forward as a project manager for certain tasks.

Problem Solving

I enjoy working out logical solutions to either theories or real life problems. I always propose lots of potential solutions for which to base projects on.

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My portfolio features the best projects I have carried out over the past couple of years."

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